Just a small check in

Well work has rolled in like floods in Australia and the snow in the US. All of a sudden I am very busy. The blogging challenge seems to be dangling out of the window. Nah, I am just going to do it when time permits.

Went on a site visit today. My client is not very video/film savvy and seemed to be shocked at the prices quoted by production houses. This is going to be an interesting job.

By the way, my boyfriend of 3yrs told me today (after struggling to find words to express himself) that he thought I was the bomb! Had it not been for his complete sincerity I might have been a little disturbed that ‘the bomb’ was all he could come up with, but I really knew where he was coming from. It really made my heart swell and I had to laugh at how sweet it all was. I am smiling, inside and out.


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