Just a small check in

Well work has rolled in like floods in Australia and the snow in the US. All of a sudden I am very busy. The blogging challenge seems to be dangling out of the window. Nah, I am just going to do it when time permits.

Went on a site visit today. My client is not very video/film savvy and seemed to be shocked at the prices quoted by production houses. This is going to be an interesting job.

By the way, my boyfriend of 3yrs told me today (after struggling to find words to express himself) that he thought I was the bomb! Had it not been for his complete sincerity I might have been a little disturbed that ‘the bomb’ was all he could come up with, but I really knew where he was coming from. It really made my heart swell and I had to laugh at how sweet it all was. I am smiling, inside and out.



I got 4 hours sleep. Found out I don’t have my morning meeting.I ate a doubles. going back to bed.|-/

Sorta kinda a little regret

Something you regret not having done last year.

Ha ha ha the post a day – missed yesterday. The above line is all I wrote.  No wait. I cut and pasted that line from the 30 day blogging challenge. Admittedly I sat down thinking about the last year and none of my “regrets’ seemed  so regrettable. That is perhaps a good thing. There are several little things I did which I thought I should not have done. like I wish I had confronted head on, a girl that I had to work with on a project, about her frustrating and somewhat cold attitude towards me. She is very young and I guess I tried to be too understanding and give her space to do her part . I tried to communicate with her but she just seemed to have judged me from day one. She is a Christian (no problem) but I think makes her feel like she must deal with non-church going Christians and others as if they were a person covered in contagious sores. Most times when I spoke to her or asked her questions she would just blankly stare back at me or she would make some weird ‘effed’ up statement that was weirdly blanketed in polite responses. On a few rare occasions she would relax and a really nice person would emerge (That happened only 1 out of 10 times we would have to meet) then the next day it was like she would remember that she wasn’t supposed to like me and she would pull back into this other person who would barely respond.  I guess I was to ‘secular’ for her. She was cool with everyone else on the team. Up to now, I still don’t know what I did to that girl. Other people in class said they experienced it too but as we had to work together I guess I had to deal with it more. Anyway that was one thing.

I also sorta kinda a little regret (not that much:)) not working on a film with a young director. The script was not bad and I would not have minded being busy and doing something but I never met the man and he wanted me to confirm working with him without meeting him or even setting up a meeting. Also he wanted me to work for free with idea of getting something later on. I had no idea of his shooting schedule either. My regret here really is being able to work on a film and keep learning and also to look at how someone else from my country does their film. We don’t have a large film industry here and it is a area that is now opening it’s eyes. Trinidad has a fairly long way to go still in the last 50 years I cant count on my two hands the amount of feature length films done here by locals. Documentaries we can do but narrative……as we say in Trinidad ‘we comin’ to come’ still.

Work – I am a freelancer

Thoughts on the year ahead

Thoughts on the year ahead

Something you’re looking forward to this year

Well, I am looking forward to several things this year for myself.

1. Work – (not sure it’s a looking forward to thing or a want/need) Ok it’s a need! I need steady work from people who will pay me on time. Another great fact about living in the Caribbean/Trinidad is that there are a steady stream of shysters, con men or smart-men (as we call them) who solicit you for work and then just cannot pay or pay you half and there is little or nothing you can do about it especially in a country where no one enforces anything and the law is just something in a book that we can’t access. I have some solid work lined up and I am grateful. It should pay me well but I hope it brings more. I essentially want to continue doing films but I need something more steady to fund it because I am not taking money from our local Film company. Why? Trust me that is a whole other post. I want to open a business but more about that later on.

2 – Losing the 10 pounds I have gained in the past year. I am not FAT I just like to look toned and I like the feel good energy I get from consistent physical activity. 2010  was hectic and my usual exercise routine and eating habits were completly thrown out of sync. On top of this my boyfriend is considerably younger than me and weight is not an issue fro him. I however being female and over 30 have to consider a slowly declinig metabolic rate. We eat out a lot and our options are usually limited and more often than I would like to admit, I have given in to pizza and fries ice cream and a myriad of other treats. I also went to London last year for 2 weeks and I ate like a freakin’ horse plus there was mayonnaise and butter in everything which I usually don’t eat. I lost those extra UK pounds I put on but I need to scrape the rest off.Living in the Caribbean also makes it harder to find healthy eating options (life in a developing nation). Reality. So like this blog I have to discipline myself to stick to my excersise ( 5 times a week) and just saying no to unhealthy food. I am doing the p90X thingy.

3. Watching my niece grow – Sounds like a plant eh? She is 2 years old and I totally love that kid.

4. Travel – I may be heading to Barbados for a Film Festival my short is in so, Yay! Looking forward to that! But I want to go to England/Europe and really experience it better than I did before. I’ve only made it to London but it felt so rushed when I was there as I was quite busy when I went. Maybe South America is in the cards

5. Finishing the last two courses to get my B.A. in FILM

So that is it so far. I have to go and work out. Today is KENPO X.  As write I am suddenly thinking of all of the things I want to do. Hmmmmm…….That’s kinda good 🙂

Okay the post a day thing

A post a day…..I think I am being too ambitious. I tried to start this blog with the idea that i would post things from the internet that I would come across as is evident by my first 2 posts. Epic fail. Then I wrote about a mishap on Facebook. another miss. Funny thing is I love to write, I used to write in my journal almost every day for 12 years and at some point about 10 years ago I stopped. I wrote a short book when I was 7 or 9 years old 13 CHAPTERS!!! about two dogs who go on an adventure. It wasn’t bestseller material but it was 13 CHAPTERS!!!! and now I look at the computer screen and nothing comes. I hope that what comes is going to be among the great novels that blow people away. But nothing. I guess habits are to be repeated to become effortless.