The Facebook status

The Facebook Status

Okay, so yesterday I put my foot in my mouth on Facebook. I admit to it and yes I felt stupid and wished I could take back how I phrased my response, which was not meant to be anything but positive. But it sorta turned out, let’s just say for lack of a better word, a little ditzy. My true concern is why do people put out such personal status updates? Why put it up and then get confused or upset when a hoard of people make comments and give weird advice on something with little or no background on the situation apart from the info in the status? I know of another person who updates her status every hour with every new emotion she is going through as a result of some breakup. The statuses have ranged from man bashing to feeling sorry for herself to I-am-woman-and -I -will -survive -whilst -my -heart- bleeds-all-over-this-Blackberry. I know of these guys who are having a public internet quarrel by sending evil status updates directed at each other. Of course a heap of persons are getting involved either egging them on or trying calm folk down. Totally weird yet it is happening.  I keep picturing a bunch of avatars/profile pics trying to hold back the two angry ones from killing each other. To me ( my personal opinion, not a commandment), Facebook is there so you can let others get a peek at what you’re up to, who you are etc., but sometimes I wonder and sometimes I just give into the fact that this is the way in which we socialize these days.

Communication is at whole other level.

Thank you and damn you Mark Zuckerberg.


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