it has been a long time

I just reviewed my last post. My Father died about 3 months after my last post. Life has changed so much since then.

I am switching lanes

Looking back at my previous posts things are a little different and some things are still the same.
Still with my boyfriend.
I graduated with B.A. in film (hmmmmmmm…)
I lost 6 pounds 4 months ago and regained it working on a mad crazy production
I am working out to lose the 10lbs AGAIN!
I cut off all of my hair this monday passed
I am switching lanes

My dad is in the hospital

Life goes on and it will all work out in the end.
Still feel sad but I know God knows what is going on. always

Oh what a breakfast!!!”

pair this with a Costa Rican bold coffee!!!

A colourful, flavourful, healthier alternative to the classic English fry-up from Bill’s CafĂ©, Restaurant and Store
Serves 4

4 slices good bread, toasted
100g humous
100g guacamole
4 tomato halves, grilled or roasted
180g flat mushrooms, lightly coated in oil and grilled or roasted
4 poached eggs
Salt and coarsely ground black pepper
Drizzle of sweet chilli sauce
Basil leaves (optional)

Starting with the toast layer on the ingredients, finishing with the poached egg and a few good grindings of salt and pepper. Add a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and, if you have them, some basil leaves to garnish.

Recipe from Bill’s Covent Garden, Lewes, Brighton and Reading

Mango Chow.

My dad made a really good chow this week. Julie mango of course!!!

This is what mango chow looks like for all those unaware. My dad made this chow that was truly delectable this week. I happened to see a couple guys selling chow around T&T this week too but I was rushing about and I could not stop to take a picture unless I was prepared to get cussed out by my fellow drivers. A homestyle chow (tha best) a half ripe mango is needed with vinegar, salt, Chadon Beni(cilantro) pepper, garlica little water and black pepper.
Next I will take a picture of the beloved chadon beni a seasoning that fares well in our seafood and other Trini dishes.

A good and wise quote!!

Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it. ~Author Unknown

An aspect of truly loving is to let go. So many times we love and hold on and strangle the thing we think we need to death, when in fact letting go is the option that gives air to both. It may be a relationship, it may be a situation that is just not for you, it may be just a material thing. Whatever it is, step back and see the thing for what it is!! If you must you will know in your heart if you truly need to let it go.

A quote that can be applied to so much more

Love to all

’tis the season

a Julie mango

It’s mango season in Trinidad and they are starting to drop. I have a Julie mango tree in my yard. yay! the Julie are are a coveted type of mango along with the Starch Mango (which I don’t like- waaaay to stringy, and gets up all in your teeth, bleh!). Anyway, mangoes make great chow – a blend of salt, vinegar, onions, pepper (habaneros), chadon beni (a type of local cilantro) and whatever you like. You can find guys on the highways in Trini selling bags of chow. Trini’s will make a chow out of any fruit. I will try to post a picture of the chow and the dudes on the highway.